Protecting and Providing a Voice to the Homeless Animals of Brevard County

SPCA of BrevardThe SPCA of Brevard provides an invaluable service to the community by caring for abused and neglected animals. The SPCA of Brevard offers a range of services including adopting animals to screened applicants, accepting owner-relinquished animals, conducting microchip identification scannings on each incoming animal and providing education, community services and pet therapy programs. BankFIRST has had an active partnership helping the SPCA expand in its ability to provide care and shelter to homeless animals in Brevard County.

“As President of the Board of Directors for SPCA of Brevard, Inc., it is my pleasure to share a testimonial about our organization’s experience and interaction with BankFIRST.  Although we have had a deposit relationship with BankFIRST for several years, we just recently experienced BankFIRST’s commitment to make a difference as a community lender.

Our first borrowing experience with BankFIRST involved the refinancing of our thrift store building located in Titusville.  As promised, BankFIRST was able to refinance our building with a much better rate and terms than we had with our previous lender.  Additionally, BankFIRST paid all of the closing costs associated with the refinance.

Secondly, BankFIRST sold us a bank owned commercial property that will serve as the SPCA’s headquarters and will allow us to consolidate our cat and dog adoption centers into one location.  BankFIRST sold us the property at a very fair price below market value.  Additionally, BankFIRST absorbed all of the closing costs associated with the transaction and, once again, provided financing terms far superior to what was available in the marketplace.

As a non-profit organization reliant upon community support and donations, we very much appreciate everything that BankFIRST has done to assist our organization.  We have worked directly with Jack Gould and the BankFIRST Titusville office and it is our pleasure to share our experience working with a community partner like BankFIRST.”

Nancy Eberlin
President, SPCA of Brevard, Inc.


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