Depugh Nursing Center Recipient Of Galloway Grant, Depositor In BankFIRSTÕs Socially Responsible Banking Program To Benefit Greater Winter Park

Winter Park, Florida – (January 8, 2009) – Donald J. McGowan, President and CEO of BankFIRST, announced today that Galloway Grant recipient, DePugh Nursing Center, is a depository participant in the bank’s Socially Responsible Banking Program (SRB). DePugh received the prestigious Galloway recognition in late September 2008, and funding was completed in November. The funds will be used to complete a comprehensive facility renewal project at the 39 bed facility, including replacement of all beds, addition of home-like bathing facilities, a redesigned day room, and the addition of state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment for short and intermediate-term care. The Galloway Foundation awarded DePugh a $244,000 grant and these funds were deposited into BankFIRST’s SRB program. Funds in the SRB deposit account are earmarked for three socially responsible loan categories supported by the program, including affordable housing, community building, and business and economic development to benefit the greater Winter Park area.

“DePugh Center has chosen to participate in BankFIRST’s Socially Responsible Banking Program to form a partnership with the bank, while addressing the critical social concerns facing the greater Winter Park area.” said Yolanda Ryan, Executive Director, DePugh Nursing Center.

Located in downtown Winter Park, DePugh Center serves as a skilled nursing facility for all citizens in the Winter Park community. Residents are categorized by three levels of skilled nursing care: those requiring short-term rehabilitative care following surgery or illness, more extended restorative care, and extended stay long-term care – all delivered in a modern but home-like setting convenient to the city’s center.

“The commitment that DePugh Nursing Center has made to both its residents and to the greater Winter Park community is evident through involvement in the bank’s Socially Responsible Banking Program. We congratulate the Center on being awarded the Galloway Grant, and look forward to partnering with Executive Director Ryan and the Center’s Board of Directors to further the allotment of these funds to the various categories earmarked by the SRB program,” McGowan said.

BankFIRST’s Socially Responsible Banking Program for Winter Park was initiated in November 2005, and has assisted with funding several successful community projects, including the Hannibal Square Community Land Trust’s Canton Park and West Comstock housing developments. Savings deposited in the SRB program provide a double bottom line to investors: a market rate of interest and the knowledge that funds are being used to improve the quality of life in the greater Winter Park area.