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Electronic Signature Solutions

Electronic Transaction Management Solutions Powered by eOriginal

Automating Document Based Transactions Using Electronic Signature and Advanced Electronic Vaulting Solutions

eOriginal enables companies to conduct business online in the most secure, compliant and legally-enforceable environment available in the marketplace. Taking simple eSignature functionality to the next level, eOriginal enables complete transaction management of your most critical electronic assets.

  • Customers and business partners love the convenience of eSignatures!
  • Authentication in electronic signature solutions are actually stronger than traditional paper-based models.
  • Electronic contracts have clearer terms, are better documented, and are more efficent than paper contract processes.
  • In 2000, the ESIGN (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce) Act is approved by Congress, making electronic signatures legally binding and equal to handwritten signatures.


Eliminate Mail, Fax & Storage Costs
Allow online access to both the transaction and individual documents while maintaining security, legality and audit trails.
Speed Time to Funding
Transfer, collateralize or securitize faster and easier while meeting statutory requirements and rating agencies approval.
Increase Productivity
Let involved parties reference single or multiple transactions in highly customizable views to speed access to the right documents without resorting to paper or freezing system access.
Works With Paper-Based Parties
Compliantly work with other parties (including 3rd parties) who still require paper by converting to paper originals or transforming received paper documents into Electronic Original® documents.
Complement Existing Systems
Integrate with existing imaging or document management systems to provide watermarked working copies while maintaining compliance and management of your original documents.


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