Business Solutions: Prepaid Cards

Loyalty, Award, and Promotional (LAP) Prepaid Card Programs

Brightwell Loyalty Cards

The Visa® Reward Card and Reward Prepaid MasterCard® from Brightwell Payments help you motivate your employees and reward your customers, increase sales and inspire loyalty—more securely, more strategically, and more memorably than cash.

Reloadable or single use, these prepaid reward and incentive cards give you the flexibility and freedom to design your own loyalty, award, and promotional campaign— for employees, business partners, or customers. Encourage employees to hit sales targets, exceed safety standards, or meet wellness goals. Encourage vendors to send you referrals and participate in cross-promotional programs.

Reward customer loyalty with mail-in rebates or lure them back to your store with special promotional offers. With low minimum order quantities, fast fulfillment, and reloadable or single-load cards, you can launch your campaign quickly and easily. And with Brightwell Payments, you can rely on one provider to implement a reward and incentive program enterprise-wide.

Choose Visa or MasterCard, reloadable or non-reloadable, and with or without cash access for your reward program.

Company Benefits:

  • Save time and money
  • Low minimum order quantities and flexible funding amounts
  • Increase brand recognition by adding your corporate logo
  • Choose direct fulfillment or bulk shipment to a single location
  • Enjoy quick turnaround on orders
  • Ensure compliance and security
  • Rely on one provider to implement a reward program enterprise-wide
  • Receive dedicated program support

Cardholder Benefits:

  • Choose how and where to spend the funds
  • Use everywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted
  • Get rewarded for loyalty
  • Trade checks or coupons for the convenience of prepaid cards
  • Track spending and balance online
  • Enjoy 24/7 cardholder support