Personal Account Services: Intelligent Deposit ATMs

ATM Deposits Just Become Easier!

Step 1Step 1


Insert your card and withdraw it in the appropriate slot, then type in your PIN. Select “Deposit” when prompted to choose a transaction type.

Step 2Step 2


Choose “Check” or “Cash”. You may deposit multiple checks or bills into the ATM at one time. No envelope or deposit slip is necessary.


Step 3Step 3


Look at the screen. An image of all the checks and a list and total of the bills you’re depositing will appear there, so you can instantly verify your transaction. Confirm the amount on the screen.

Step 4Step 4


You’re finished. Your receipt will display an image of each check, the list of currency, and your total deposit amount. It’s that simple.

BankFIRST Intelligent Deposit ATMs are now available at all BankFIRST locations.